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Waterfall Pools for Gorgeously Aesthetic Backyard

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Enjoying time with beloved one and family is the first thing come to mind while thinking about weekend and holiday. Pools are identical with relaxing, joy and rejuvenating spot. That is why pools are becoming an integral part of gorgeous modern homes. Enhance pools with waterfall for more spectacular appearance and beautiful flowing water sound.

An Exotic, and Tranquil Getaway
Flowing water sound has a serene and calamity ambience that gives a positive effect to health and happiness. Waterfalls often combined with tropical elements or a Mediterranean touch to create amazing landscape. Use natural stone, rock which close to real waterfall ambient. Choose the perfect size and kind of stone and rock to combine with. River stone could used as a reflexiological path because if its rounded and smooth surface. Add greenery or sandy feature for more touch of nature.

Beside of natural touch, you could apply modern technology like LED lighting and streams. Play colors of the light and adjust it with the area. Right lighting could create an extraordinary ambience of romance, futuristic, etc.

Larger waterfalls and pool area could add swim up bars, serving area, relaxing spots, even cabana. Build stunning entrance like a spiral staircase, hidden rooms or cave themes.
Waterfall and pool Backyard ideas
Think Beyond the Obvious
Consider to create an extraordinary waterfall by adding visual and textural contrast start from fountain, pool deck or cabana. This will make your waterfall different from the real one and conventional style waterfalls. Just make sure the continuity design of interior and exterior.

As we know that water cannot unite with fire, think out of the box with placing fireplace next to the pool and pergola to enhance the elegance. One important thing is the waterfall must blend with the whole design theme of the backdrop.

Sleek and Contemporary
If you are not Favorited the fabulous and plush waterfalls and pools, take the semi minimalist style that adopted the indoors outside. Keep elements simple in classy semi minimalist style. Add simple water circulator, simple fountain and other simply minimalist items.

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