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Exotic Tropical-style Ideas

Lindsey Herod Interiors © Copyright / Image Credit via houzz.com

One new, hot manner of decorating your home is in a tropics style, also called tropics chic.

Tropical decor is soft and warm while even being exotic and identifying at the same time. This style blends a lot of colours, textures and natural elements.

Some common things to see in this kind of decor are palm trees, banana trees, rattan, creature prints, and may be utilized in any room of the home, but is most widely used in bathrooms and living rooms.

So how may you adopt this tropics style into your very own home? There are various different things you may use to decorate with a tropics style.

Quality plants- large plants like palm trees and banana plants are an excellent option for a tropics themed room.

Neutral shades – in your furniture, drapes, etc. Use neutral colours like beige, tan, dark brown, ivory, camel.

Use big, comfy furniture – upholstered furniture, rattans, accent pieces in bamboo or wicker, all make excellent furniture for a tropics themed room.

Wood flooring- whether you’ve a room with wood flooring, it’s a perfect candidate for a tropics style decor.

Use soft materials – keep all your fabrics like drapes soft and lush.

Decorate with animal designs – components and artwork might include animals or jungle motifs like elephants, monkeys, zebras, etc. These are only a few hints and thoughts to get you started on how to decorate with tropics style.

The precise decor that you use will be completely up to you, but we’ve supplied some recommendations to help assure you are on course with your decorating attempts.

If you are looking for something distinctive and fun, try a tropics chic room.

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