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Whether you have a country motif with lots of wood furniture in your home or like the look of wood and appreciate the natural feel into your home, you might be considering adding several new pieces to your home this year. Maybe you need to spice up an area or two or simply think it’s time for many new furniture since the old pieces have worn out. Regardless of the reason you are contemplating purchasing new wood furniture, take a bit time out before you purchase to see what’s in style this year and not only fill your home with warm wood pieces, but also fashionable ones.

You have two ways to go when picking out the specific design of furniture you need this year. The two of them go in one extreme to the other. What this tendency means is that you’d like small and unassuming of the furniture piece that you could find that may suit the need available and nothing more. Another way to go is the other end of the spectrum – elaborate and indulgent. Since wood is like amazing carvable material, you will be able to locate wood which has been worked into beautiful and wonderful designs. You may also look for additional unique emphases like silver and gold gilding, crystal emphases and exotic veneer inlays.

Depending upon the kind of furniture pieces you’re searching for, this might or might not be a trend you can concentrate on. The trend is for more material on furniture pieces. In chairs rather than just the seat cushion to be in fabric, you might wish to look for a whole piece made this way with little to no wood showing. The wood in this case is more there to be a frame than to show off. Another of the 2010 furniture trends is for metal to be a part of your furniture. Wood and metal usually get along very well so you shouldn’t have a problem integrating iron, brass, copper or any one of the other metals into a design which won’t only be a useful bit of furniture, but add a small shine to the room. Lastly, whether you’ve a very good creative side, you might wish to consider distinctive and experimental shapes in the pieces.

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