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Plywood Flooring

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The plywood was beginning to de laminate and I had not ever seen something like this before. Among the houses had just been sheeted and was prepared for the second flooring framing wall layout. The framing foreman determined not to work on that home, till the lumber producers representative came out to scrutinize the plywood. Similar to most things in building that cause delays, it took 3 days to get someone outside to look at the issues with the floor sheeting. When the lumber producers representative eventually came out to scrutinize the delaminated plywood flooring, they said that they’d replace the plywood and pay for all the labor to correct the problem.

The framing contractor was happy that he did not have to pay for anything, since the lumber company might have blamed another person, developing a headache for the framing contractor. Instead they accepted full liability for the problem. It wasn’t simple to replace the damaged plywood, because you could not walk securely on the floor anymore, it was incredibly weak. A few the Carpenters tried, but fell through segments of the flooring, although they are not injured severely. The Carpenters cut the plywood into little segments and after that removed all the damaged plywood. Be careful using plywood or oriented strand board for the flooring sheeting, while working in wet climates.

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