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30 Design Ideas of Kitchens With Island

6 Simple Ways to Design The Modern Outdoor Kitchen for A Party

Planning for an outdoor kitchen in modern house for summer and fall parties

A new trend in modern home design is currently pushing for thinking balanced between indoors and outdoors, in this case is kitchen. An outside party requires the zones are needed such as an outdoor kitchen, pergola and luxurious lounge beside the pool.

We can enjoy a summer party to entertain friends and family with relaxing on pool decks and outdoor kitchen for every dish.

If we have a modern house, of course the outdoor kitchen should be considered as to summer and fall parties, the outdoor kitchen should get a comfortable decor and design to get the job done.

This is a simple ways to design an outdoor kitchen to “take the party” absolutely celebrations,

1. An island guests

We must always remember the function of the kitchen, but the modern concept of taking over everything. We can prepare meals and be around guests with minimal time spent running back inside for plates and beverages.

A basic island is an efficient design that leaves out the complexity of curves and angles. Not only that, with an island guests can relax on one side while you’re cooking on the other, so you feel as though you’re part of the gathering – from thisoldhouse.com

The large outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining area

URL : http://charlotte.archadeck.com/

We found ideas from decoist.com with some tips to design the outdoor kitchen for party time.

2. Functionality ahead of Form

First thing to do before plan an outdoor kitchen is knowing the functionality. The shape of the kitchen depend on the functionality even its indoor or outdoor one.

A outdoor kitchen with natural stone pavers and a roof extension

Knowing the style and make continuity of the style indoor to outdoor is important too. Will it go well with pool area, pergola, terrace seating or will it used for host a parties, simple cooking or etc. Then write down the appliances to ease the plan.

A simple outdoor kitchen will only need sliding glass door to separate between the indoor and outdoor but keep the continuity. The small satellite kitchen would be perfect for urban living or small spaces. A standalone outdoor kitchen for parties would great to incorporate it with clear cooking, preparation and serving area.

A standalone outdoor kitchen

URL : http://anthonyalbertstudios.com/

A contemporary courtyard patio with an outdoor kitchen – James F. Wilson / courtesy BUILDER Magazine

3. Finding the Right Spot

A family friendly outdoor patio space

URL : http://sageoutdoordesigns.com/ – Ed Gohlich Photography

Checking the right spot is important to consider the area. Outdoor kitchen which is close to the main kitchen at the house is easier to access the utility, kitchen utensils and cooking ingredients. Moreover, consider about local weather to find the right spot.

4. A Stylish Social Hub

Contemporary kitchen with flat-panel cabinets

URL : http://www.sublimegroup.com.au/

Place outdoor dining area or lounge close to the outdoor kitchen area to create a stylish and continue social hub. Use similar textures, patterns, colors and conform style.

5. Hit the Shade!
Add a shelter for your outdoor kitchen like cabana style, the roof above the outdoor kitchen. if you live in an apartment, and shelter to the balcony at handy umbrella. Shelter is to reduce the unexpected weather and protect from dust.

Contemporary outdoor living with decking and a pool house

URL : http://www.cgsdb.com/

6. Fire, Lights and Action!

A patio with an outdoor kitchen and a gazebo

URL : http://www.outdoorkitchensbyatlantis.com/

Lighting is a vital point of the outdoor kitchen. Since outdoor activity could do in the daylight or evening, lighting equipment would very important as functional and decorative.

We provide photo and url source, as the information reader.

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