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Modern Minimalist Living Room Ideas

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Minimalist decoration is a convenience, style of living yet aesthetic even artists. It needs a consistency of discipline, details and art. Those balances of three are challenging. The inspirations below would add your reference of getting modern minimalist in living room.

Playing with the Undertones
Being a modern minimalist doesn’t mean you have to go black and white which is always identical in minimalist style. Keep the streamlined, monochromes and the stylish shape. A clean cut and well defined shape, strengthen the monochrome, not overwhelm the situation.

Mid-Century Modern Magic!
Get an old style with furniture from different eras. Mid century pieces, the 70’s or 80’s elements would blend right with the connection here and there. Always keep the simplicity which is characteristic of minimalist style. mid century modern element itself has visual and geometric contrast that coherent with the whole room.

Creating a Focal Point
Being minimalist is close to boredom, and shattered attention. Almost whole room is clean cut and simple. Put a centerpiece as a focal point and eye catcher that make everyone stops by. The item could be unique, antique, bright accent color and contrast texture. An object or element could take the role. Fireplaces and coffee tables for example. It’s a permanent element that would be the focal point

Less IS More!
The less the more in minimalist style. This is just step to reduce overwhelming and create minimal look. Ergonomics, efficient and practical are the result of less is more principal. Keep the elements and accents proportional so the appearance of a room is in balance.

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