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Modern House Plan

Comprehensive Floor Plans – Comprehensive floor plans show the layout of every floor of the home. Rooms and internal spaces are carefully dimensioned, windows and doors located, and keys are given to get cross section elements supplied elsewhere in the plans. Exterior Elevations In supplement to the front exterior, your pattern set might include drawings of the back and sides of your house. These designs provide notes on exterior materials and finishes. Special attention is given to details frame, brick and rock accents or other finish items which make your home unique. Front Perspective artist sketch of the exterior of the home gives you a concept of how a house will look when constructed and landscaped.

Base Plans This sheet shows the base layout including concrete walls, footings, pads, posts, beams, bearing walls, and base notes. In case the house features a cellar, the first floor framing details can also be contained on this plan. In case your plan features slab building as opposed to a cellar, the plan shows footings and elements for a monolithic slab. Additional sheets concentrate on foundation cross sections along with other details. House and In-Depth Cross SectionsLarge scale views show segments or cutaways of the base, interior walls, exterior walls, floors, staircases, and roof details. Additional cross sections might show significant changes in floor, roof, or roof heights, or the connection of one degree to another.

These sections show just how a various portions of the home fit together and are incredibly valuable during construction. Additional sheets might include increased wall, floor, and roof construction details. Floor Structural Supports – Floor framing plan floors have plans that have basement and\/or crawlspace foundations. Each contains spacing, direction, span, and requirements for floor joists. Beam and window headers, along with required details to frame connections, stairways, or dormers may also be included.

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