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Inspirational Headboard Design to Rejuvenate Your Bedroom

Looking for a rejuvenated custom look in your bedroom? Do you like an especially lush sensuous material. Or maybe a manly leather headboard to set a strong mood? The new category of advanced simple-to install and inexpensive headboard slipcovers make room design makeovers a snap-of the fingers simple.

Interior Designer : Simone Alisa © Copyright / Image Credit via houzz.com

Regardless of if you have a standard size bed, queen size, king size or a platform bed, you’ll draw on an artist’s palette of slipcover material colors. From light pastels to earth shades of green and brownish to reds, lavender, black and every tone between.

Textured material headboard design possibilities also include velour, Oriental rug motifs, and several shades of leather slipcover finishes.

Masculine bedroom with leather headboard

Leather king size headboard cover designs provide not only an extremely textured and inviting decor choice, but additionally provide easy maintenance.

A simple wipe clean to remove dust. And of course a leather slipcover long life expectancy. A more finished, professional look. Hard wearing similar to slipcover furniture material levels may be created with the many textures and variously hued upholstered headboard cover options.

Bright blue headboard

Frequently, in order for you to accomplish this High end designer look, you will need to employ a custom slipcover professional to take dimensions or maybe actually remove your headboard and after that do the entire custom slipcover operation off site.

Another trim possibility contains combinations of padded headboard covers in which a soft cushiony inches padding foam can be installed, and after that the outer surface finished in a broad range of fabric selections as a tufted headboard.

Like Goldilocks arriving unexpectedly at the 3 Bears home. Each bowl of porridge held some possibilities. Getting the right one was only a matter of balance. Given the standard bed frame size, you may order a king size headboard cover in practically in material and cut combination.

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