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Feature Wall Ideas : Captivating Style of Venetian Plaster

Jane Ellison © Copyright / Image Credit via janeellison.com

When walking into an area, our attention is both diluted throughout the general decor or just drawn in a particular object or another. However, the identifying and captivating style of Venetian plaster might be exploited to create a feature wall that while still completing the design of the room, now dominates it.

A feature wall is a strong affirmation of design that made in the right way flaunts style and panache. Compared to drowning out the main options that come with the room like images and decorations it lifts them to another degree, exhibiting them in a brand new light.

The feature wall can be a stark comparison to the rest of the room, perhaps a contradiction of color and texture. Or a more subtle, but none the less dramatic strategy, of using a darker shades of the same color or a deeper feel to one wall.

The extensive variety of colors and textures afforded by Venetian polished stucco will make for a generous articulation of originality and style. The smooth and lustrous polished plasters, resplendent with shiny reflection, comparison well with the matte pitted feels of the Intonachino Italian stucco.

These plasters exude pure beauty, although created to make distinct finishes they’re born through the same marble and lime, and because of this complement one another absolutely.

The colors, taken from natural world oxides and pigments, can be mixed tailored to the application and by using give or take tint, a contrast can be attained while still utilizing the same color tint.

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