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Extraordinary Colorful Painted and Claw foot Bathtubs

© Copyright / Image Credit via decoist.com

White bathtubs or bathing appliances are friendly in any home decoration. Especially the white tubs with antique clawfoot. Lots of creation of clawfoot. Keep the collectible bathtub and clawfoot and adapt with a modern touch. Let’s break the rules of white bathroom is clean with paint the bathtub in lots of different hues. Colorful bathtub and cleft could define the style and personality of decoration, add the ambience of rare, exotic even relax. One sure thing is color draped bathtub would never bore. Give your bathroom a splash!

A New, Vibrant Lease on Life
Paint it brave red of the tub and claw foot. The cleft seems good carved and paint with red make a complete modern tub. Pain tubs on classic tubs are energizing and visually better look than on modern ceramic tubes. You can also paint the clawfoot with different colors such as gold clawfoot for black tubs in a vintage decoration. This differentiation could be a luxury itself in a modern era. As we know that black and gray bathtubs are seem more modern than pastel colors.

Not Just the Claw-Foot!
Claw foot is not just the one foot of the bathtub. A pedestal foot bathtub could bring its own style. use bold colors which are similar to the tubs. And right red or jade are cool and different. Truly would give a new look of white. Natural colors like monochromatic ones also would endlessly. A good shade of color scheme.

A Spectrum of Styles
Colorful bathtub is an array of styles. It could incorporate the scheme of rooms and a smart recycle. Cool blue bathtubs in modern bathroom absolutely give a calm and soft mood. Each color which uses well with the rest of the room will give an amazing aura.

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