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Dramatic and Modern Freestanding Bathtub Inspirations

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In the beginning of this year, colorful interior design is being trendy. Many popular designs of colorful living room, bedroom and kitchen. The most ‘so now’ colorful design is applied to the bathroom. redecorate your bathroom into a chic, stylish bathroom with amazing freestanding bathtubs in colors. Freestanding bathtubs are accessible and its availability in a wide range colors makes it luxurious to have.

Now we could easily find the freestanding bathtubs more accessible than past years. An aesthetic and ergonomic bathtub, which completed by wide color options.

Dip into Dramatic Views!
Despite of ergonomic and accessible shape, freestanding tub has aesthetic feature that could add lux, beauty, aesthetic even art of decoration. A sculptural shape with gold touch and comfortable material carved into the beautiful tub. Place a standalone bathtub, close to the wide glass window or sliding glass door and enjoy the view outside and the natural sounds while bathing. A relaxing and soothing experience of ultra private bathing.

Add accessories to add drama. Take advantage of outside natural beauty, the mountain view, beach, even skyline. Add part of design interior to enhance the lux and relax mood like tropical green canopy, spa like ambience or technological touch like a set of LCD’s.

Captivating Textural Brilliance
A standalone bath is not just an addition of a bathroom. It’s actually a central element and a perfect piece to add textural contrast to the whole space that mostly dominated by concrete and glass. Freestanding bathtub coal made from glittering metal like copper or nickel. This is less pricey than its common but enough to be an eye catcher.

Metallic tubs could keep the water warmer for some time, but it needs a certain maintenance. It is perfect for vintage style. Natural stone bathtub like basalt and marble are great choice, artsy yet durable.

Serene Spa-Like Ambiance
Simple and minimalist design of bathtub like spa retreat would be another amazing experience at home. Who doesn’t want a private spa at home?

Though, simplicity is good, contemporary tubs have many different finishes, geometric shapes and sizes. Adjust the shape and size with space you have and the angular feature of your space. Do not forget to check the depth of your bathtub.

Making a Visual Impact
Show it off your freestanding bathtub with rich color, but do not to make high contrast of the whole room. Try colorful freestanding bathtub with orange, grey or blue to accentuate and strengthen the scheme.

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